COVER REVEAL: Don’t forget me (Marines sex and love, vol.2) di Ester Ashton

Cari sognatori, eccovi svelato il Cover Reveal della versione inglese del romanzo di Ester Ashton!!!


Titolo: Don’t forget me
Serie: Marines sex and love, vol.2
Autrice: Ester Ashton
Genere: romance suspense
Data di uscita: 2 gennaio 2021

La serie english edition, Marines sex and love è composta da:
1) I could love you (Potrei amarti)
2) Don’t forget me (Non dimenticarmi) 

Logan Mitchell knows the wounds well, but not those of the heart and soul.
Tormented by Cassie’s refusal, he left without giving more news of himself, but she has always been a constant reality to fight against. The pain made him a different man: hard, cold and ruthless, not only with himself, but also towards others.
Especially with those women who remind him of the only one he can’t have anymore.
With his heart closed to every emotion, he returns to New York, but everything is put back into play as soon as he sees Cassie again, the only one who is capable of turning his world upside down, built like a fragile house of cards.
Cassandra Miller also knows the suffering well, she survived the loss of her brother, but she did not surpass that of the man she loves most of her life.
Her escape only made her more determined to forget it, in order not to succumb to that impossible love yet.
Fate, however, continues to weave its canvas made of emotions and passions, to question everything and once again take away what has finally been found …
She will have to fight between feeling and reason.
He will face the toughest battle of his life so as not to forget it.


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